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Shinigami's Wing Tribute to Hephaestion

18th May, 2012. 12:12 am. Fic Idea for Dean/Cas

This is up for grabs just let me know if you take it and please link me when its written!!!!!!! Gracias!!!!!!!!

Castiel went missing a long time ago; dean threw himself into hunting and sorta self destructed and Sam knew that the loss of Cas had effected him horribly and hence why he disappeared and Sam knew he died… Sam is now an old man of 60 and he has found Cas who doesn't remember a thing… Sam had gotten word a long time ago that dean never made it to heaven nor was he in hell… so after getting Cas to remember his past they get together to find dean. Sam, as research man, much in the way bobby was when he was alive… and come to find out dean has been reborn… he is a 20 years old and its up to Cas to save him from heaven and hell again… with his soul memory restored he fights along side Cas and Sam! Now he has to deal with the bond that killed him once before and a love so profound that time could never separate them now…

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18th April, 2012. 5:27 pm. "A Far cry for help" A Sterek WIP mini fic

"A far cry for help"
By: Hphilalexandros
Fandom: TeenWolf
Pairing: Sterek
Rated: 'G' I guess lol

Summary: Depression does things to Stiles but he just wants to get over it... he wont ever be the popular kid he wont ever get the girl and he wont ever be a wolf

Stiles POV

So I'm an idiot right yeah must be to be walking around while there is a moon hanging in the sky... I mean its not the FULL moon but its sorta crescent shaped, and why cant I remember the phases of moon right now is beyond me... I have been feeling kinda down lately everything sorta hit the fan and now school is almost over and after everything, its like everyone is wolf except me and I kinda regret not accepting the bite but no I wouldn't have accepted the bite I know that but I cant believe it was OFFERED to me and I refused when I know I want it.... It would be awesome I know it would and I love Scott like a brother but i know I would be wayyyyy better at being a wolf then he ever could... so yeah I have been kinda depressed is the word and I don't want to admit it but I just kinda wanna wallow in it for a while and isn't that all kinds of sad...

"I'm such an idiot" Stiles sighed out. and without any indication that someone had even been next to him this whole time, because he knew it had to have been the whole time,... a dickish voice spoke out of the dark behind him, "Yeah! you are!" and all he could do was get a lil pissed that Jackson out of everyone had been the one to find him!!

"What are you doing out here? and why are you following me??" Stiles asked.
"Trust me no one wants to be following you out here... I was headed to Hales house when I hear you sighing like some lost puppy, whats the matter Scott left you for Allison and your all heart broken?" He jibbed! "Talking about puppies your out to see Daddy wolf like the puppy you really are?" and it wasn't the funniest or Whittiest comment he had in his arsonel but it was what came outta his mouth! Now he just kinda regrets it cause Jackson's face started to turn and a low growl could be heard...
"ENOUGH! Jackson go home whatever you gotta say can wait til later" Derek shouted out of no where! Even Jackson looked startled and it was kinda comical because one second Jackson is turning the next his face sorta ripples and then he flinches and looks down to the ground in shame and if I didn't think he was an omega before I think it now even tho I know he a beta (Derek told me himself) but he really does act like a puppy!!
"But I wanted to get some training done before the full moon!!!!!" Jackson really was going hard trying to be better then Scott.

Okay so I suck and I don't know where I wanted to go with this and I'm bored and tired and I kinda just like to come up with ideas... I'm not really a writer but hey if you want this then take it flow with my idea and keep the ball going...

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16th March, 2012. 10:52 pm. "Feeling" A mini Destiel Fic


A destiel mini fic
Inspired by promo for 7.17

Cas’s POV

A part of him was seriously feeling conflicted within himself and he never felt more confused in the little bit of time he could remember after he woke up in the hospital, with no memory of who he was… This Dean person he felt as tho he knew all the way soul deep with a pain he was so desperately trying to deny… But he could only help but feel and God help him but looking at him just made him Feel… An ache so unrelenting but he held it within himself because out of all the emotions flowing thru him.. He could say for certain he felt as tho he had to stay away… Maintain his distance because if he got too close, he would break… And that feeling was beginning to feel a lot like love.

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19th August, 2011. 9:12 am. Fic challenge for Derek/Stiles

The accident
By: H.Philalexandros
I'm looking for someone to breath life into my idea because I'm not a writer.... but I really do have some great story ideas


Summery: Was it just an accident?? It didn't even matter anymore... the consequences were going to be devastating....

Lore: The exchange of blood between true mates even in the smallest amount sets off the mating process. The bite is the acceptance and claiming part of the whole thing....
Full moon makes a werewolf aggressive and hard to control but a blood red moon starts the heat of a wolf....
Betas without a pack that take a mate Ascend on their own as they establish a pack of their own

Prologue : The code was one that was supposed to be kept strictly as it was made by their clan a very long time ago by way of blood pact, by both Wolf tribe and human tribe. "Hunt only those, who hunt us." The name Argent came about when some wolves didn't head the code set forth by the original Alpha. They used the allergy of silver to take down the rouge wolves and The Hunters were born.... but some still followed the code because they had honor. It was the 14th century and daemonium lupum killed and were killed publicly so a faction of the argent family decided that none shall be safe if the animals continued to live among us, and a secret faction broke off within the clan and so our story begins.... Allison's mother at the age of sixteen killed a werewolf knowing full well that her sister had mated to that wolf without their parents consent thus breaking their code and way of living...Soul mated werewolves have a bond so strong that should one die the other would be sure to follow out of anger and grief, killing themselves to be with their loved one. She killed the wolf and cut him in half to make sure there would be no regeneration possible.... her father is proud of her and yet no one knows why her sister kills herself by hanging herself in their dungeons. Now she is hunting indiscriminately because she blames them for loosing her sister to an animal. And now, Kate was told by Allison's mother to kill the Hales.

Start the story here: During the last episodes

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14th August, 2011. 10:09 pm. Scott/Jackson Fic Idea

The accident
Muse : H.Philalexandros


Summery: While scott tries to show Jackson how to be a werewolf... well heart rates rise and control is lost!! They bite eachother while wolved out and now they have a connection thats beyond awkward... They know where they are at, what each other is doing, thinking and especially feeling... While Scott is still hung up on Allison .... Its become an awkward pull for them to complete the mating!!!

Stiles and Derek side fic!!! Which I really want to see done!!!! TO EPIC PROPORTIONS!!!!! So now that Derek has witnessed a mating... This compulsion to always save Stiles has to be addressed and the mating is already partially happening... Stiles knows where he is at...feels him sometimes when stress is too high and he is begining to feel this need to be around him... To be friend!!!

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13th August, 2011. 10:31 pm. My new obsessions

TEEN WOLF is like seriously too hott for words!!! Im needing some recs asap and i have a few challenges for some Derek/Stiles slash fics!!! Im deff going to join some communities and start to sending out some Muse vibes

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26th August, 2010. 4:29 pm. Diapers.com

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27th July, 2010. 2:51 am. what happened in between 2007 and 2010??

i have no idea but that is how long its been since i have been on my livejournal..... wow thats unreal.....

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23rd March, 2007. 2:14 pm. Uke Uke Uke!!!!!!!!

Are you a Seme or Uke?

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26th November, 2006. 9:18 pm. Thy deadly disaster

Thy deadly disaster
By: The Goddess

They said that the end would come when hell fire rained down from the heavens
I say the the end will come when I fall and hell hath no fury like a woman scorned
They say there will be a time when the woman are barren and men will look to fill their seed into.... the desolate wasteland of a woman flesh
I say that woman will rebel and the brothel whores will consume the seed of the good and none shall be innocent............

None shall be innocent.

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26th November, 2006. 9:17 pm. The First sign

The First sign
By: The Goddess

When she first came through
She fell and hurt the world with her madness
she was I and I lost lost Lost IT ALL
lost the me that I was trying to be
It was the first
and it won't be the last
Her comming, Mine, my comming
fear me
and you will see the madness of the poet in me

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22nd June, 2006. 1:17 pm. Wrote pt 2 already

I have already written part 2 in my lil drabble series AND yes I know it sucked but I will still write it cause I have nothing else better to do...... I will update the story tomorrow so for now goodluck and goodbye.

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22nd June, 2006. 1:16 pm.

Title: A thought better left… un-thought……
Author: hphilalexandros
Pairings: Dean/Sam…ish
Rating: PG
Category: Slashish……
Word Count: about 650
Spoilers: None
Summary: Driving and thinking
Notes/Warnings: Part 1 in an ongoing series of drabbles…… Called “Thoughts”

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25th May, 2006. 3:17 pm. Lost again

Sooo I disapear, I reapear......... here again and I plan on reading some mondo slash!!!! Now people I need recs and lots of it!!!!!! New slashy goodness!!!!! Ohhh Bandslash! Xanderslash just slash........ Yaoi is good too I never complain!............ Love you all my freakish friends of mine!!!!

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20th December, 2005. 7:38 am. Something Old Something New

Oh the things I tend to put myself through...... Happiness is not an attainable thing..... I have come to accept that in all my searches for the one true happinesses the world can offer me....... I have a philosophy that goes pretty much like this. You only have two chances at love and I know that I have already fucked up the first time..... As do all people who fall in love once in their young lives...... I hope shit gets better but the pesimist in me finds it difficult to let go and find happiness..... Maybe all the things I go through are a direct result of me being such a bitch when I was younger that any type of happiness, whether it be finacially, socially, emotionally, just gets twisted due to KARMA...... W/E I am rambling and I feel the need to write some Emo type poems...... I'll post um another time........

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6th December, 2005. 9:05 am. Fade away

Okay so now I feel as though if I don't get everything out I will truly die with a broken heart.....

"What do you know?"
By: Venus

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6th December, 2005. 8:53 am. A Poem for My Boyfriend.......

Below is something that I could not write with a pen..... It was so very serious that I get it out but I fear it will do me no good because he will not see it........ But here it is.......

By: Venus
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1st December, 2005. 1:36 pm. She has returned!!!!!

Okay so I tend to dissappear for a while then I get back on it!!!!! heh anyways Soooooo I am planing on like updating this journal and writing some stories maybe posting them since I am kinda scared of my own writing....... anyways I will be adding loads of shit..... more pixs, fics and just talking a whole lota crap which is what I am good at!!!!!!!!!!........ Goodbye my lovely friends for now...... I must set up some things now...... Toodles!!!!!

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24th August, 2005. 6:26 pm. Dudes BUY THIS ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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19th August, 2005. 2:33 pm. 30 seconds to Mars & The Used

SHIT SHIT AND MORE SHIT........ I wanna go see my bloody band in concert........ This is really upsetting....... like i have told my friends here before.... I wanna see a concert before the age of 21 and that will be happening in like 3 weeks so...... I HAVE TO SEE THEM....... Gods I am gonna cry and worse yet heh I just started working again and shit so I will be working and the concert is like 3 days before I get my first pay check......... I am gonna cry like a stupid bitch......... I really am I have to see them......... The Used is going to be there as well......... Oh man WHAT am I going to do?........

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16th June, 2005. 5:48 pm. Scary Kids Scaring Kids

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6th June, 2005. 8:38 pm. Seme or Uke????? Heh Guess What I am?!?!?!?!?!?!

Are you a Seme or Uke?

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6th June, 2005. 7:36 pm. The Dr. Seuss Purity Test

The Dr. Seuss Purity Test
Have you done it on a boat? Nope (Would like to probably get sea sickness lol)
Have you done it with a goat? Nope (Zeus - The God of The Sky Has, I have Heard)
Have you done it in a bed? Yeah ( Who hasn't? It gets boring over time though)
Have you done it with the dead? Nope (Well I have dated Vampire Goths But those are the "Living Vampires" So does that count? Nah I didn't think so)
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2nd June, 2005. 12:43 pm. Live Alone!Die Alone

My lovely friends I have found that sometimes even the hardest things to do in life are to let things go..... but what happens when you get too attached???? I know that it was way tooo soon to be getting attached but it happened.... I think that I am a fool for even thinking I could get away with no attachments whatsoeva........ Well now what the hell do I do? I mean I spent last night really thinking about all this shit and it is crazy to say the least..... I dunno what to do with myself and I feel as though I have become unbearrably lazy..... hell the song of my life right now is My Chemical Romances' song - Cemetery Drive...... Oh man I need to learn that giving myself (MY HEART) to someone who doesn't want it is the best thing to NOT do....... Oh okay I think I have let it go so..... Whatever.......

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12th May, 2005. 12:51 pm.





You all must see the god that resides in me..... Really who would have made up such a spectacular line????

I'm bored now.... Going Crazy CRazy CRAzy CRAZy CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!! Okay buh Bye for now!!!!!!!!!

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4th May, 2005. 10:37 pm.

OH MY GOD BENNODA SHALL BECOME A REALITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY ARE GETTING DIVORCED!!!!!!!!!! HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!! SAM CAN GO AWAY NOW AND MIKE CAN GET HIS MAN AND BLOODY WELL ADMIT HE IS SOOOOOOO WAYYYYYY GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GODS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!! I WAS LOOKING AT http://www.livejournal.com/users/liltwister009 SITE WHEN.....Collapse )

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28th April, 2005. 12:34 pm. Sry for my Last few posts...... and lack of actual good mention worthy posts....

This is for my friends.... My last few posts have been somewhat... well stupid for lack of a better word.... although I should be using a worse word then stupid.... Wanna apologize for the stupidity and all that but the boredom had finally got to me.... Well now I have passed that and I am happy to say then soon I will be updating on a regular basis and with some decent stuff to write... lol

On another note: I have finally signed up for my summer semester at my school which I think is of the good. At least now I will be getting out the house on a regular basis and I will start working again in school.... So now hopefully I will actually have money so I can go to a bloody concert before I turn 21 in September.... Oh yeah That is putting a lovely smile on my face!!!!!

Anyways all.... Good bye and Have wonderful Slashy Dreams and Think Of all the slash in the world cause oh man is there ever a whole bunch of it and I have been seeing it all over my school but that is for another post....


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24th April, 2005. 4:54 pm.

Okay so I went out and it sucked....... Imagine if you will you are around beautiful people and your dubbed the bloody friend???? Holla at a bitch... Damn. This shit gets me mad.... Okay bloody hell what is wrong with these fucking people in NYC. I need to get away. Where the fuck in NYC is there a good Rock/Club/Bar Hang out???? cause I still cannot find one.... And I hate to travel... fuck Laters..... I am outta here.....

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21st April, 2005. 4:14 pm. Can't see the pix just go to my Photo Album!!!!


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21st April, 2005. 2:45 pm. Ohhhh Sexy pix!!!

Okay so like I have recently lost my mind and I sent my pics to someone I will not name but these are my pix.... funny enough I never wear my hair like this..... I tend to dress in all black most of the time unless I have to work... and not even cause I work in my school.... so.... here are the pix....

Sexy Venus Making the breast look scrumpcious!!!!
Talk about being bored and taking pix while using the computer
All me wanna touch as well?????
I Just really don't know how to not touch.....

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